Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lena Dunham's new book

Lena Dunham's memoir (penned at the wee age of 28!) will hit bookshelves next Tuesday. Part advice book, part storytelling and partly inspired by Helen Gurley Brown's 1982 book, Having It All, Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl is getting great reviews so far. 

"She is acerbic and vulnerable; self-absorbed and searching; boldly in your face and painfully anxious; a survivor of the many dating and friendship crises experienced by her 'Girls' characters, though still flummoxed by the mysteries of adulthood," writes Michiko Kakutani for The New York Times. "Ms. Dunham describes terrible dates and cringe-making email exchanges with self-deprecating humor. She chronicles her doubts and fears and neuroses, her dependence on a therapist, and her icky sexual encounters with an assortment of jerks." 

A young woman who can look back on her life thus far, poke a little fun at herself and then dispense advice with an older person's sort of wisdom? Sign me up.       

Read the full NYT review here.