Friday, November 14, 2014

Fake it 'til you become it

Can our body language change the way we think and feel about ourselves? Yes, says social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy.

Look at the photo of Wonder Woman (above) and take in her "power pose." When you feel powerful you're more likely to pose like this. But it's also possible that when you fake it -- say you strike a confident pose while not necessarily feeling very powerful -- you can alter the way you feel about yourself. You can actually affect testosterone (the dominant/power hormone) and lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in your brain!

We all know our minds can change our bodies. Turns out our bodies can change our minds, too.

Check out Cuddy's fascinating and inspiring TED Talk.

Next time you're feeling pitiful, stand in a posture of confidence. I was feeling pretty powerless yesterday (see my post about feeling blue). So this morning I tried power posing for two straight minutes (Cuddy's suggestion). And you know what? I felt a lot less like the Cowardly Lion and more like Wonder Woman. 

Our bodies can change our minds.
Our minds can change our behavior.
And our behavior can change the way our lives unfold.  

Want to lean in? Try a power pose. (Harvard Business Review)