Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving gems

These videos are Thanksgiving gems! 

This first one is too cute not to post. A dedicated man lovingly prepares a tiny Thanksgiving feast for his tiny, furry friends. Precious!

What can I say about the next video? #lol #funny #hilarious #youknowyoudothesamewhenyougohomeforThanksgiving

Be forewarned about the last video: it's a tearjerker. 

An Argentine boy receives a cutting board for his birthday. The grateful boy tells his parents he can't wait to use it to cut food. Then his parents surprise him with a second gift, a much-wanted tablet.

Apparently, his mother saved and saved so she could buy the expensive device for the boy. His reaction to his mother's generosity is just priceless. A beautiful, shining example of the true meaning of thankfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving, loves!!

Thanksgiving etiquette