Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This week's obsession: letters & initials

Doesn't the English language have a wonderful-looking alphabet? I love the power in the straight geometric lines of letters like Z, V, T and L. And the whimsy in letters like O, Q and S. Then there are letters that play both roles, fanciful and bold, like P and B.

Of course my favorite letter is J. Not only it is the first letter in my name but it is lovely in form and function. I can picture myself hanging out on the scoop, my bottom snug in the J's curve while my legs dangle off its end. On rainy days, I could add a line to the top of my J to keep me dry. When the sun is out and I want a tan, I can go without the "hat." J's next door neighbor I is the only other letter that can have it both ways. Aren't we the lucky ones!

Here are some of my favorite things featuring letters, initials and monograms.

A lovely monogram crest journal.

An art deco-inspired sterling silver monogram necklace.

The ubiquitous and must-have canvas tote bag.

This monogram tote is pretty cute, too.

Pretty plates designed by a calligrapher.

Holiday cocktails on this gold-leaf monogram serving tray.

Tell me letter writing isn't a lost art. 

This gold initial necklace is just lovely.

Letter hooks to hang your coat.

A monogram glass globe ornament to adorn your Christmas tree.

And these felted monogram ornaments are just darling.

Put your initials on this soft dip-dyed ombre throw

I give these monogram mugs as holiday gifts every year.

Monogram Marquee Lights. (Anthropologie)