Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm loving this: Duro Olowu

Nigerian-born, London-based fashion designer Duro Olowu's collection for JC Penney
features bold patterns a playful mishmosh of colors. Love love love! 

As someone who loves seeing new collections hit the runway but can't afford to shell out the dough (not quite yet), designer collaborations serve as a way to indulge my fashion sensibilities without indulging the good folks over at American Express.

I'm loving the latest duet between Nigerian-born Londoner Duro Olowu and JC Penney. When I first heard of the team-up I admit I was a bit surprised because when I think of Penney's, it conjures up images of frumpy Easter dresses, ill-fitting cardigans and mom jeans -- not style and certainly not high fashion. But it was a smart move, especially after bleeding some $985 million in sales for the last fiscal year.    

Wanting to see it for myself, I took a research trip today to my nearest JC Penney in Richmond Heights. The store's layout didn't look much different from the last time I was there (30 years ago). They were still stocked up on cheesy Easter frocks and boxy sweaters. Moms jeans aplenty, too. Then I saw in big, colorful block letters:  

A beacon of light amidst the retail blahs. 

I rushed over and wasn't disappointed. Big, bold color. Strong, make-a-statement prints. African roots with a modern twist. And everything in the collection is $10-100. LOVE! 

What's not to love about this amazing piece of luggage? Carry on!
I saw this carry-on luggage online and I couldn't resist. I had been looking a while for something interesting. Something with flair and personality. Something fun. I mean, why does every piece of luggage have to be so business-y and boring? One look at this and you can bet it will turn heads at baggage claim. So I snapped one up (thanks Mom!) for an upcoming trip.

A few other pieces you might want to add to your closet (but don't wait too long; I'm noticing many items are already out of stock online):

Super cute tapestry handbag that looks like a mini coin purse. Only $30!

I love this green printed maxi dress ($60).
Unfortunately, I think it already sold out online.

This mixed print ensemble is very chic. Ladies, be brave-- not beige!