Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday selfie: Networking in NYC (three days three outfits)

"Fashion should be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world." -- Diana Vreeland

Three days of interviews with New York magazine industry culture makers meant three days of intentional, statement-making ensembles. Each of the big three publishing houses in this city have their own distinct personalities. Thus, I picked my outfits accordingly:

day 1

My first meeting was at Meredith Corporation, which publishes Parents, Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal and More magazines. I felt a modest yet professionally chic ensemble fit the bill for this family-owned company with roots in Iowa (where I grew up!). 

The outfit: Madewell gray jersey dress (super comfortable); Madewell candy pink leather belt (the perfect pop of color); ribbed black tights (it's 40 degrees in NY so bare legs not apply); Mossimo faux leather black wedge heels (comfortable enough to pound the Manhattan pavement).

Total cost: $150.


day 2

When people in this town say, "I work for Conde Nast," they hope you'll think of words like "provocative," "influential" and "world's finest publishing company." With titles like Vogue, The New Yorker, GQ and Vanity Fair I'm sure at least one of those words will pop up.

Hearst publishes some of my favorite magazines. I grew up reading Seventeen and I could spend hours flipping through Elle, Cosmo and Harper's Bazaar. And then there's my dream job -- to be an editor at Marie Claire. For these meetings, I chose clean lines and chic New York black. 

The outfit: Olsenboye faux silk button-down blouse and sparrow print wide-leg trousers (this one's my fave).

Total cost: $50.

day 3

My last meetings were with a few accomplished New York writers, editors and a well-connected PR guru. Since they were coffee and cocktail meet-ups, I went with a more relaxed, chilled out look.

The outfit: Olsenboye faux silk button-down blouse; Forever 21 polka dot sweater; Hinge plaid punker skinny pants (channeling my style icon Gwen Stefani); Aldo black fringe wedge sneakers (you can't see in this photo how cute they are!).

Total cost: $180.