Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday selfie

Today's look: Warm spring weather + the weekend =
Time for flower dresses!

The outfit: Xhilaration floral dress; h.i.p. cardigan; Converse sneakers; Cara Accessories rhinestone stretch bracelet (  

The occasion: My 7-year-old's Saturday morning basketball practice. 

Why I like this look: Spring is handing over the baton to summer. I can feel it here in Cleveland. Flowers are in full bloom. Trees offer lush canopies of green. Lawn mowers are working overtime. Kids are out well after dusk riding their bikes and scooters. It's also time to put away down jackets and pull out spring dresses (I think the it-might-be-sunny-today-and-snowing-tomorrow weather typical of Northeast Ohio is over). This cute floral dress is my go-to when I want to be super comfortable in warmer weather without having to resort to short shorts (those days are over). And I've had these yellow Converse sneakers forever. They are falling apart and will probably disintegrate soon but I love them and they are my favorite.