Friday, January 9, 2015

Lake Erie's frozen monster

My friend and photographer Jeffrey Goodman braved the cold yesterday to take pictures of Lake Erie. Despite frigid temperatures and a -15 degree wind chill, he captured some beautiful and truly eerie photos of waves frozen over.

"I felt like I was on planet Hoth from Star Wars and had stumbled upon a Wampa beast's ice lair," Jeff says. "It really looked like I was on another planet!"

That's exactly what I feel looking at these photos. It's as if some kind of alien monster from an arctic underworld is rising out of the water. A hairy, bearded, multi-legged creature with sharp teeth and a bad attitude.

"This is at Perry Township Park," Jeff explains. "The lake along the shoreline was half ice, half water. The waves had crashed and sprayed water, which had long since turned to ice."

Jeff's winter photos have become quite a hit here in Cleveland and beyond. His gorgeous snowflake photos (captured with a macro lens on his iPhone) has garnered the attention of local news, CNN and USA Today.    

I think it's only a matter of time before you see his work in National Geographic. 

Photos courtesy Jeffrey Goodman.