Monday, January 26, 2015

New year, new look!

Drum roll please...

I am thrilled and OVER THE MOON to announce the new look of my blog! My site has undergone a complete makeover from its name (love, -j. which takes inspiration from how I sign letters and emails), to the new header (inspired by this greeting card from Rifle Paper Co. and illustrated by my crazy talented sister-in-law, Sunha Yoon Salaff of Sun&Ha studio) and overall site design (masterfully crafted by Cleveland-based graphic designer Carly Bartel).

You'll notice new features like a more streamlined design; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. share buttons on each article (we're keeping with the fun balloon theme here); larger photos and video; "You might also like" links; and my favorite vintage typewriter font unifying the look throughout the blog.

I'm really proud of all the hard work that went into this redesign and so grateful to Sunha and Carly for helping me to make this happen. And of course a HUGE thank you to all of YOU for reading and inquiring and inspiring me to keep going going going.

Time to uncork the champagne!

love, -j.

p.s. what's up with the VW Beetle? Well, my first car was a purple 1974 Beetle. My second car was the same one only silver. And my third was the updated 2001 version in black. Notice an obsession a theme, here? :)   

Illustration by Fabrice Fortin via Paris By Appointment Only.