Monday, June 8, 2015

The future is now (#ProjectCaden)

We moved here to Cleveland two and half years ago to fulfill some crazy dreams. My husband left his car design gig in California to build his own company. After 10 years in the auto industry he felt it was time to venture solo and really change the world.

What he's been working on has been a super under-wraps secret. Until now. Carlos' venture, #ProjectCaden, is now on Instagram, Kinja and forums like Ferrari Chat. And MOTR Division Magazine recently published Carlos' first exclusive interview about #ProjectCaden.

At its core, this adventure is about much more than making a car. It's the story of how one man's dream is inspiring and shaping the future.  

One dream.
One car.
One adventure at a time!

Read Carlos' full interview here. (MOTR Magazine)