Friday, June 12, 2015

Week in review

Last night's disappointing loss left me feeling emotionally drained. This is the first time in my life I've been such a die-hard sports fan that I often wonder, "Who is this girl?" while watching my beloved Cavs. 

See that wonderfully glorious photo above? That's where I want to be right now. Floating in the crystal waters next to that beautiful boat. 

Have a relaxing weekend.

love, -j.


I told you Birkenstocks are here to stay. (Vogue)

California writer Juan Felipe Herrera will be the next US poet laureate. (NPR)

The hipster exits stage right and the yuccie (yes, it's pronounced like "yucky") now takes center stage. (Mashable)

I'm kinda glad the school year is over. (Motherlode)

Flower power for your sneakers. (Girls of a Certain Age)

"I smoke a joint and I spin around 50 times." The wonderfully weird world of San Francisco. (The Atlantic)

For all you Ridley Scott aficionados, check out this 2-hour and 29-minute black-and-white film that splices Alien and Prometheus. (Kottke)

Omg I'm not the only one. There are other women who shave their faces! (The New York Times)

Father's Day is nine days away. Check out this great gift guide. (A Cup of Jo)

I thought Lenny Kravitz's scarf was ridiculously huge. But then I saw this. (Colossal)

[In and around Cleveland:] 

Canton teen cherishes her prom night with Delly. (The Plain Dealer)

An exclusive interview with the judge who cleared a Cleveland cop who shot two unarmed African-Americans. (Politico) 

Photo by @dedia via @earthpix. (Instagram)