Thursday, June 18, 2015

My shorts dilemma

While I'm happy with this selfie and how I look in these striped and lace navy shorts with scalloped hem I must give credit to the heels I'm wearing. They make my legs look longer than they really are. Which makes the shorts flattering. I guarantee if I was wearing flats or my favorite sandals it would be an altogether different look (think tree stumps).

My fashion dilemma this summer? Finding the perfect shorts.

Unfortunately short shorts are the only things I can find out there. I won't do cut-off jean shorts (those days are over and why would I want to traipse around like a high schooler?). And I don't dare try the really teeny-tiny ridiculously short looks-like-underwear jean shorts. Never. Then again, I don't want to wear dowdy Bermuda shorts 

So these are the only shorts I own right now. My ratty, beat-up, cut-off sweatpants. They are so comfortable but I will only wear them at home. Is there something in between Bermuda shorts and really short shorts that are cute, flattering and most importantly, comfortable?

Suggestions? Help! 

Finding shorts for your body type. (Women's Health)