Thursday, June 4, 2015

Anthropologie summer fashion show

Girls love to dress up, sometimes for no reason at all. We must be subconsciously channeling the little girl in us. Did you ever sneak into your mother's closet and try on her dresses? I remember the hem of my mom's yellow tea dress reaching down to my toes, making me look like I was wearing a fancy evening gown.

I recently had the opportunity to play dress up at an Anthropologie Summer Fashion Show hosted by the store I work at in Cleveland. It's an invite-only event highlighting new products and showcasing the upcoming season's trends, followed by every girly girl's favorite thing to do: shop (we close the store for the entire event). Our fashion shows are so much fun! 

Here are four outfits I modeled for the show: (L) a "painted" short-sleeve sweatshirt tee paired with my favorite shorts (navy stripes and lace overlay with a scalloped hemline); (R) a delicate halter tank with these super comfy chambray trousers. And the heels -- suede platforms with classic hardware -- aren't they adorable? 

The above looks are some of the pretty spring/summer dresses you'll find in the store. (L) I loved this muted fit-and-flare shirtdress with front tie. (R) And my favorite dress of all is this beautiful floral organza garden dress.    

We also had a special pint-sized model that evening. Talk about girls who love to dress up. This little one is no exception!

A few snaps "backstage": Anna and Lauren doing our hair and makeup.

Sam and Jade resting before the show. (Phew! It's hard work being a model!)

My infinitely talented friend Jennifer catered AND co-hosted the event.

A group pic of all the models in the show (all but two of us work at the store!). I love the diverse representation of ethnicities, body types and age. It goes to show that fashion knows no boundaries.

And lastly, Izzy with her friend Mel after the show. Just a few antics represented here. ;)

Fashion prodigy loves Anthropologie.