Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Basketball diaries (#AllinCLE)

Things have been a little crazy around our house and I thank the Cleveland Cavaliers for that. Game 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals went into overtime and I think I almost suffered a heart attack. So much excitement. So much anxiety. So much drama.    

"I don't think I can do it if they go into overtime again," I announced to my family as we were watching Game 3 last night. It's always down to the wire. The Cavs are up by 20 points. The Warriors quickly catch up. And then I turn into a hot mess.

Something comes over me when I get really into a basketball game. And this coming from a self-professed girly-girl who didn't know who LeBron James was a few years ago.

Ever since Jeremy Lin burst into the national consciousness and my then-6-year-old son became obsessed with basketball, there's been no turning back. I even wrote about my own case of Linsanity for the Orange County Register back in 2012.   

And now we are in Cleveland living through sports history. LeBron came back and he wants to give this city its first-ever NBA title. Cleveland needs it. As an outsider who is not only looking in, but living here, I understand the fans' hopes and pains. Clevelanders are die hard. Clevelanders have heart. There's a reason why people around here say, "You've got to be tough!"

Yeah I'm from the Golden State and perhaps because I am I'm supposed to root for the Warriors. No doubt Stephen Curry's skills are a thing of beauty ("basketball poetry," as one sports reporter described it). But Delly played with everything he's got and #KingJames will always have this California girl's heart. 

Let's go Cavs! There's always this year!!!

Opening illustration via ILTHY.
Dellavedova and LeBron illustrations by Jordan Szymanowski (via Instagram).