Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This week's obsession: Birkenstocks

While you will never find Tevas in my closet, I do make an exception for Birkenstocks. Love them or hate them, these ubiquitous sandals (the first Birks were made in 1774!) ignited the "ugly-chic" footwear revolution last summer.

The first time I wore Birkenstock sandals was in high school. My father thought they were the most heinous things. "Now why would you wear those?!" he asked, baffled. I think he actually shielded his eyes from my feet. 

As any teenager would, I completely ignored his sentiment and proudly wore my dorky orthopedic sandals everywhere. I loved them so much I brought them with me to college. UC Berkeley and Birks? No brainer.

And here I am, 18 years later and slipping my feet into a brand new pair. And oh joy! They're silver!

Ugly chic is here to stay.     

How to wear Birkenstocks and still look chic. (The Gloss)