Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Favorite posts of 2015

Perhaps you're like me and can't believe another year has zipped by without warning. It's as if 2015 stopped by to say a little hello and then Poof! Goodbye, love. That was a nice visit! 

I look back on this past year and feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment. Thankfulness for another year of doing what I love: writing, exploring new places, being mom to my two favorite little people, and plotting adventures with my partner and fellow dreamer.  

As I looked through nearly 200 posts from 2015 I pulled my favorite ones. They run the gamut from design and style to artist profiles, regular series (Women and clothes, Fashion prodigy and Sex and the single girl, for example) and everything in between. I wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for taking the time to visit and for being the motivation of why I do this blogging thing. It's the hardest but most rewarding thing I've done so far in my career. 

Enjoy the reads below and Happy New Year!!

love, -j. 


Two gorgeous and inspiring Cleveland homes.

Fashion and beauty musings: how to style overalls; Tevas, harem pants and other fashion sins; my daughter just slays it with her fashion instincts; I love Anthropologie; my hair went through a lot of changes in 2015; the power of makeup; finding the perfect purple lip color; best cheap nail polish; and liquid eyeliners for under $10.

On being a woman and loving clothes: Helen Kim, Kristin Davidson, Dominique Lee, Hilary Bovay, Courtney McCrone, Debbie Council, Danielle Wood Bolin & Anna Wood, Shiho Johnson, Lydia Goossens, Jennifer Slagle and Yours Truly.

Advice on how to cultivate your allure.

This year, #ProjectCaden made its social media debut. Now the world is watching this dream come to life!

Celebrated love, -j. milestones in 2015, including a redesign and hitting 100,000 page views!! Hooray!

My friend David Sandler shared what it's like to be a relief worker in northern Iraq.

Why the shootings in Charleston affected me so much.

Thoughts on parenting: why raising kids can be all joy and no fun, we have a power stronger than gravity itself, wickedly funny things kids do, making a case for NOT having children, the lost art of phone etiquette, and the photos I found in my cell phone.

Happiness is when you accept your 40-year-old body and when you wake up the morning after ballet class and everything hurts like hell.

Three things that changed my life in 2015: oregano oil, Mario Badescu drying lotion, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Making beautiful, hand-crafted leather goods in Cleveland.

Speaking of Cleveland, you gotta be tough! Subzero weather and fierce snowstorms made for some beautiful and spooky ice sculptures on Lake Erie.

Just for fun: a coffee cup that says it all, Sia's Red Carpet genius at the Grammys, an explanation for millenial behavior, daring to dream, and finding beauty in the most unexpected places.

Opening photo by Jeffrey Goodman.
Illustration by Phoebe Thomas.
FOUNT photo by Hilary Bovay.